Yulia Mahr is a Lens-based Artist and Curator.


Yulia Mahr


Artist and Filmmaker Yulia Mahr is Creative Director at Studio Richter Mahr, alongside composer Max Richter - a studio which acts as an incubator for a wide variety of art and music projects. The studio has recently released VOICES, co-conceived by Mahr and Richter.

In development are a full-length film to accompany VOICES, a large-scale video / music piece for 2021, a variety of art / installation projects for 2022, and two music films.

Yulia also co-conceived SLEEP, an eight-hour overnight music piece chosen by BBC Radio 6 as its Album of the Year. Devising its stage setting and developing the concept of the communal musical experience, Yulia's conceptual framework for the project perfectly mirrors Richter's immersive soundscape. SLEEP has been played live at The Sydney Opera House, SXSW, the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the Philharmonie de Paris and the Barbican amongst others.

Yulia herself is a BAFTA award-winning filmmaker whose directing work has been widely exhibited in film festivals, including Tribeca and Edinburgh. Recent work includes online pieces premiered in Wallpaper and The Nowness and a portrait of Yohji Yamamoto's Five Cuts at the MADE Gallery in Berlin. She is also Producer of a new video to accompany Max Richter's 'On the Nature of Daylight', starring Elisabeth Moss. She has produced, alongside Globe and JA productions, the much-lauded feature length documentary of the LA performance of SLEEP, directed by Natalie Johns.

Yulia's filmmaking has its origins in her work as a theatre director focusing on issues of human rights abuses, and in her academic research work in visual anthropology (in which she holds a Masters degree). She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Politics and History from the London School of Economics.

As a curator her practice principally covers the meeting points between anthropology and art. Recent shows include work from the nascent alternative photography scene in Chiapas, Mexico, and work covering the aftermath of the war in Mozambique through sensorial ethnography. Other recent shows include a retrospective of Mari Mahr's photographic work for the European Month of Photography at the Kunststiftung Poll.

May 2018 saw Yulia curating 'Sounds and Visions' at the Barbican - a weekend of film and music concerts put together to sum up her feeling "that creativity exists as a social project that illuminates the lives of individuals and society as a whole, and that art exists beyond all boundaries". 2020 sees a similar weekend at the Philharmonie in Paris.