Yulia Mahr is a Lens-based Artist and Curator.

Previous Curatorial Projects

LIFE CHANCES AND OTHER WORK - Mari Mahr - European Month of Photography, Berlin, 2014

Chilean-born, Hungarian photographer Mari Mahr looks back over an impressive career spanning 40 years. This first major retrospective of her work to be shown in Berlin celebrates her unique avant-garde vision of experimental photography. Ever central to Mahr’s work is a deeply personal reflection on the consequences of migration and political turmoil, a subject that reflects her own biography. Through poetic assemblages and staged scenes, in series such as Life Chances, The Dreamers Birthday, and New Places, New Codes – Tales of an Expatriate, Mahr uses her photographs – which are often to be understood as intimate conversations with family members she loves or admires – to reflect on the existential struggles, decisions, and paths chosen by members of her family.